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Academy for Social Action, NYC, NY

  • - Construction designer, program developer, and project leader for grades 6-8.

    • New Country Day Camp, NYC, NY

      • - Summer theatre program developer and teacher for students ages 4-15 for the 14th Street YMCA.

        • Sara Rose Academy for the Arts, West Chester, PA

          • - Theatre director and creative performance specialist for students ages 7-15.

            • Manhattan School for Science and Math, NYC, NY

              • - Show director and designer for the high schoolís drama department.

                • The Banana Splits, Springfield, PA

                  • - On-set program leader for school-aged filming.

                    • Twisted Arts Summer Program, Coatsville, PA

                      • - Show director, program developer, and construction designer for students ages 8-18.

                        • Wingspan, NYC, NY

                          • - Theatre specialist for afterschool programs at the middle school PS191.

                            • Upper Chesapeake Summer Center for the Arts (UCSCA), Washington College, MD

                              • - Theatre program developer for the gifted and talented summer residential program for students ages 14-17.

                                • CREATE, Cecil County Public Schools, Cecil County, MD

                                  • - Traveling theatre specialist for the county. Program creator and performer for grades 3-12.

                                    • Avon Grove Intermediate School, Avon Grove, PA

                                      • - Specialty program educator for grades 3-4.

                                        • Bright Horizon Educational Center, Wilmington, DE

                                          • - School aged summer camp educator and performance specialist grades pre-K-3.

                                            • EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE

                                              Selections of Clue, Mime in 7 Scenes, Audience Abridged Washington College UCSCA
                                              A Winter Show Wilmington DE Bright Horizons
                                              Kabuki as Dance NYC Hudson Honors
                                              Grease NYC MCSM
                                              You Canít Take it With You NYC MCSM
                                              Pippin, Seussical, Little Shop of Horrors Coatsville, PA Twisted Art
                                              Youíre a Good Man Charlie Brown Doylstown, PA SRAA

                                              TRAINING & SPECIAL SKILLS

                                              BA, Theatre Production, University of Delaware, 2002

                                              • - Undergrad studies with the PTTP (Professional Theatre Training Program).

                                                • Actorsí Equity Association & Screen Actorsí Guild Memberships

                                                  • - Professional performance experience on stage, film, television, radio, and improvisational theatre. Substantial musical diction training. MC and hosting experience for both professional and student programs.

                                                    • Other Skills & Certifications

                                                      • - Proficiency in mask design and construction. Mastery of special effects makeup application. Puppet design and performance experience. Sewing skills. Ballroom dance, juggling, and trumpet proficiency. NY licensed driver. American Sailing Association certified sailor. NYC Department of Education background check completed.

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Eventage Productions, New York, NY,       2002 to Present

  • - Performed site management for many large-scale events for a variety of clients. Effectively managed relationships between venues, clients, vendors, public, and event production team to exceed client expectations.
  • - Provided logistical management for various events, including working with and adjusting site plans, coordinating shipping and procurement, managing truck supply support, and assuring site security.
  • - Trained and managed staff and volunteers for many events to fulfill any required tasks. Acted as Volunteer Coordinator for national Kidney Awareness Run/Walk, working with community leaders and organizations to staff events.
  • - Effectively managed press and communications for high-profile events and clients, including stage management, pre-broadcast and video broadcast coordination, and press event management.

Eventability, New York, NY,       2002 to Present

  • - Worked in the planning stages of several events to help design the most effective look, layout, and run of show.
  • - Coordinated with specific venues to best manage a host of events including celebrity meet-and-greets, corporate summit meetings, corporate galas, concerts, and product demonstrations/giveaways/sales.
  • - Worked with specific needs/wants of clients and venues to provide successful press experiences.
  • - Provided staffing for an assortment of high-profile and crowd-heavy events, sourcing people to fill a variety of needed roles including production talent, MCs, crowd control, costume and character work, and sample teams.

Scollen Productions, New York, NY,       2004 Ė Present

  • - Coordination of mascot teams for major events, tours and Expos.

Freelance Events,       2002 to Present

  • - MCed and stage managed AAPARís Get A Kick Out of Life show with Mary Six at NYCís Time Warner Center.
  • - Designed, produced, and MCed several weddings.

(see below for a detailed list of events worked)


  • - BFA in Theatre Production, University of Delaware, 2002
  • - Computer proficiency in Mac and PC systems, MS Office including Excel and Word.
  • - NY Driverís license


Eventage Productions

  • - Road Runnerís NYC Marathon and half-marathon events, Medical Station/Fluid Station/Elite Fluids/Truck Manager
  • - Bike NY, Staten Island Fluid Station Manager & Volunteer Manager
  • - Kidney Awareness Run/Walk, Volunteer Coordinator
  • - Amway Conference, Truck Manager, E-Team supervisor
  • - Drive for COPD Tour with Michael Strayhan, Tour Leg Manager
  • - Holiday Inn Key Card Hotel, Site Manager
  • - Lysol Airstream press event, Site Manager
  • - Divabetics, Shipping Manager & Event Consultant
  • - Women in Sports Gala, Stage Manager
  • - Birdís Eye Frozen Vegetables press event, Video Broadcast Stage Manager
  • - Celebrate Israel Parade, Pre-Broadcast Stage/Production Vehicle Street Manager
  • - M&Mís Halloween press event with Joey Faton, Back-Stage Manager
  • - Harry Benson Photography Retrospective, Gallery Manager
  • - Oreo Double-Stuff Promotion, E-Team Manager
  • - Refuel Milk Sports Promotion, Overnight Manager
  • - Lighthouse Internationalís Double Up for Vision, Truck Manager
  • - Chicago Olympic bid, E-Team, Truck Manager
  • - New Jersey School Board Conference, Parking Manager
  • - United Way Bridge Walk, Site Manager, VOG
  • - IHCís Worlds Biggest Bed Jump with Sean Jonson, MC
  • - Have a Chance, E-Team, VOG
  • - Bridezillas promotional event, E-Team, Groom
  • - Light the Night, E-Team
  • - 17 Magazine Got Milk White Gala with Julianne Hough, E-Team
  • - March of Dimes, E-Team
  • - Scotland Run, E-Team
  • - Go Newark Fan Fest, E-Team
  • - ASPCA PetArmor press event with Mandy Moore, E-Team
  • - Fox Home Holiday Gift Guide Showcase, E-Team
  • - Disney Christmas in July, E-Team, Elf
  • - Ace Hardware Photo shoot, E-Team
  • - Run for Water, E-Team, MC
  • - Pork Inspiration Pop-Up Cafť, E-Team
  • - Degree Concert, E-Team
  • - Suave Pop-Up Salon, , E-Team
  • - Irish Spring tour, E-Team
  • - Hershey NY Stock Exchange Opening Bell event, E-Team
  • - Sprinkle the Elf!


  • - Toys R Us celebrity signings, yearly fundraiser galas, product premier launches & other events; Site Manager, Staff Manager, Crowd Management Coordinator, Venue & Client Liaison
  • - HIT Entertainment international press conferences; Venue Coordinator, Staff Manager
  • - Licensing Fair, Las Vegas; Pre-Show Assistant
  • - Uniformed Firefighters Association holiday events, Character and Staff Manager
  • - Kmart/Sears celebrity meet-and-greets and other events, On-site Manager
  • - Shoe Insets Hotel/Spa press event, Site Manager
  • - Reuterís Press Awards, Staff
  • - Nor Bank Rebranding Gala, Staff

Scollen Productions

  • - Comic Con NYC, Talent and Staff Manager
  • - Toy Fair NYC, Talent and Staff Manager
  • - NJ Netís events, Talent and Staff Manager
  • - Norwegian Cruises, Nickelodeon Family Cruises Talent and Staff Manager
  • - Macyís Inflation Parade Talent and Staff Manager
  • - Bobís Furniture events Talent and Staff Manager
  • - Junta Hispania events Talent and Staff Manager

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A.E.A       S.A.G.

HEIGHT: 5'9" WEIGHT: 145 EYES: Blue HAIR: Brown VOICE: Baritone


Rumpelstiltskin Town Crier Manhattan Childrenís Theatre
What ďActorĒ Theatre Studios Incorporated
LAST CALL Greg Village Playwrights NYC
Fantasticks El Gallo Harrington Theatre Arts Co.
Quilt Charlie Brown Harrington Theatre Arts Co.
Good Man Charlie Brown Charlie Brown Harrington Theatre Arts Co.
Anything Goes Billy Harrington Theatre Arts Co.
Arsenic and Old Lace Dr. Harper E-52 Student Theatre Co.
Rainbow, New Play Reading Bill, Claude E-52 Student Theatre Co.
Evita Evaís Brother/Chorus Brandywiners LTD.
Enter Pizarro Pizarro Wilmington Drama League
Picassoís Nose Tom Wilmington Drama League
McCarthy Trials Joseph McCarthy Wilmington Drama League


Shooting Liven Hipster Rebecca Cook Velveteen Films
Kinsey Student John Bancroft Myriad Pictures
Getting Even Punk Rocker Gordon Delfiano Film Brothers Pro.
Like a Race-Horse Man(featured) Josh Herstal NYU Industrial Production
Excelsior Water Insurance/ Man(featured) Pam Zwaksis UofD Student Films
The Interpreter Protester Sydney Pollack Interpreter Pro.
Last First Day Grunge Rocker Gus Van Sant Avalon Pro.
War of the Worlds Survivor Stephen Spielberg Miramax Pictures


Sex in the City Young Couple (featured clip used as press release) HBO
HACK Camera Man/Bus boy/Office Worker (featured) CBS
Law and Order National Guardsman/Bus boy CBS
Third Watch Ecstasy Dealer (featured) NBC
Rescue Me Club Dancer FX


Song of Orpheus, Orpheus PTTP Graduate Program
Original Electronica for Columbia University Isaac Everett Voice


Jeykll and Hyde Club, character and puppetry improvisations artistic director: Rob Penini
Eventage Productions, varied promotionals including: Bridezillas, IHC Worlds Biggest Bed Jump director: Matt Glass
Educational Improvisations for the Sara Rose Academy for the Art program director: Donna Kersting
Educational Improvisations for Cecil County Public Schools, CREATE program director: Dr. Nelson Frits


~ BA, Theatre - Production/Directing - University of Delaware - Undergrad studies with PTTP. Sandy Robins, Joann Browning, Bill Browning, Leslie Reidel, Heinz-Uwe Haus, Eileen Smitheimer, Rick Cunningham
~ Diction and Voice Training - 1 year - Marge Walker
~ Vocal (Baritone) Training - 4 years -Catherine Hern, Dr. Paul Head, Gus Marcante

Driverís license, ballroom dance, trumpet, juggling, yoga, stained glass construction, costume construction, tall ship sailing, CPR, swimming